Lamont Easter


 Actor: Lamont Easter
 Theatrical Character Brand Statement.

 "While most see two sides to an issue... I see all three."

 Lets play. Your move!

About ME

Lamont Easter, born in Annapolis Maryland, but raised in sunny San Diego, California! As an adult, he has lived in places as diverse as Los Angeles to the Italian Island of Sardinia, Italy. 

If you are looking for a professional and versatile actor, print/commercial model, voiceover or all around Entertainment Professional for your next project - you are in the right place!

Dependable and directable, Lamont's goal is always to help you finish a project you can be proud of!

Need an accomplished actor to deliver your point on camera?

Want just the right voiceover for your narration, commercial or web-based E-Learning project?

Do you need an experienced model to capture a specific look for your print or internet image?

Need an event Host or Master of Ceremony?

Well, look no further!

Professional, versatile, directable... Lamont Easter has the experience to get your job done!

"Chairman of the board"