Host and Master of Ceremony, Obama look-a-like, Hand Model, Former Federal Law Enforcement Officer - US Justice Department, Firearms and Special Operations training/Marksmen Qualified, Drum Set Drummer, Information Technologist, motorcyclist Stick shift auto driver, Proficient at most sports land or water i.e., Football, Baseball, Softball, Roller-skate/blade, Snow ski, Swimming, Snorkeling, Water ski, Tennis, Cycling, Cross-coutry running, Skateboarding, Unicycle, Frisbee, Horse back rider, Proficient free style/pop-lock/night-club dancer/ballroom, Multiethnic Appearance

TELEVISION - Partial list

The ArrangementJulio BainesRod Lopez


Director C.I.A.Stephen Mitchell
Second Chance
Congressman Scott Styles 
Randall Lawrence

A Year and Change

The Janitor
Stephen Suettinger
Secret Service Agent
Yale University
Ode to Rosa
Eulonda Lea
The Lonesome Trail
Bill Barnaby (Post-production)
Arlette Thomas Flecther
Jospeh's Ephiany
Sgt Martin 
Callie Covington
The Devil is Stylish
The Devil
Tresor Matondo
Pivot Point
New Wave Productions
Chief Detective Sampson (Post production)
Jimmy Hennigan

Showtime's Homeland (Season 7)President Keane Secret Service
FOX 21
House of Cards - Netflix (II, III, IV, V)
Underwood Secret Service
Knight Takes King (David Fincher/James Foley/Carl Franklyn)
Madam Secretary  CBS
Secretary of State Security Officer
Eye Productions
VEEP - HBO (Season II, III)
POTUS Secret Service Agent 
2nd in Command (Armando Iannucci)
Boomerang - Warner Brothers
Suited Man
Thinkfilm (Craig Brewer)
Forbidden - Investigation Discovery
The Booker/Hurlburt Waldroup
Storyhouse (Carsten Oblaender)
Forbidden - Investigation Discovery
Business Investor/Party man 
Storyhouse (Carsten Oblaender)
House of Horror - ID Discovery
Sirens Media
Hell House - Investigation Discovery
Park Ranger
Sirens Media


* MultipleAvailable Upon Request

(Eligible) SAG - AFTRA
Height - 5' 10.5", 185 lb , Suit - 42 Reg (Slim), Shirt - 16/35,
Pant - 33/32, Shoe 9.5, Hair - Black, Eye - Brown


​​COMMERCIAL - numerous. Availible upon request


ACting Resume

* MultipleAvailable Upon Request

FILM - Partial list​

Kimberly Skyrme - Script Detective and Character Development. Baltimore, MD.

Advanced Scene Study – Shakespeare Theatre Company. Wash, DC

Commercial Acting – Barry Shapiro NY
Acting Workshop – Christina Wright NY
Ali Evarts – Conservatory Bootcamp

Katie Killacky Toomey​ - Capital Coaching
Stephen Mitchell - Action/ReAction
MDM Talent, DC - Adult Talent Workshop - Diane McFarland/David McDavitt
Brenna McDonough - On Camera Training - Brenna McDonough
Betsy Royall - On Camera Workshop - Betsy Royall Casting
Secret Service Agent Training - Knight Takes King Productions
Actors Police and Tactical Training - JP Berry/Sudio Boh-Ken Arnold
Actors Stage Combat Training - Robb Hunter/Fight Director - Acting Conservatory - The Studio Theatre - Wash DC
New York Commercial/Television/Film Intensive Training - Kathy Searle/Studio Boh-Ken Arnold
The Actor Center - Wash DC

Lamont Easter