Jacqueline and JillyGuest Star - Doctor CooperDays Ferry Productions - Victoria Rowell
The ArrangementLead - Julio BainesNew Style Media


Supporting - Director C.I.A.Stephen Mitchell Productions
Adament EveLead - ClayAl Hallak Productions
Action Inc.Lead - HostJulia Myers Productions
Second Chance
Supporting - Congressman Scott Styles 
Randall Lawrence

Half Way Home

Lead - Leaster Stevenson
Gray Studios
Supporting - Secret Service Agent
Yale University
Ode to Rosa
Supporting - Earl 
Eulonda Lea Productions
The Lonesome Trail
Lead - Bill Barnaby 
Fruit of the Spirit Productions
Jospeh's Ephiany
Lead - Sgt Martin 
Callie Covington Productions
The Devil is Stylish
The Devil
Tresor Matondo Productions
Pivot Point
Supporting - Michael
New Wave Productions
Supporting - Chief Detective Sampson

Jimmy Hennigan Productions

Showtime's Homeland (Season 7)President Keane Secret Service
FOX 21
House of Cards - Netflix (II, III, IV, V, VI)
Underwood Secret Service
Knight Takes King (David Fincher/James Foley/Carl Franklyn)
Madam Secretary  CBS (Pilot)
Secretary of State Security Officer
Eye Productions
VEEP - HBO (Season II, III)
POTUS Secret Service Agent 
2nd in Command (Armando Iannucci)
Boomerang - Warner Brothers
Suited Man
Thinkfilm (Craig Brewer)
Forbidden - Investigation Discovery
The Booker/Hurlburt Waldroup
Storyhouse (Carsten Oblaender)
Forbidden - Investigation Discovery
Business Investor/Party man 
Storyhouse (Carsten Oblaender)
House of Horror - ID Discovery
Sirens Media
Hell House - Investigation Discovery
Park Ranger
Sirens Media


* MultipleAvailable Upon Request

  Actor Theatrical Brand Statement - "Some people see two sides to an issue. I see        three. One of which is mine."   "Irreverent and Unpredictable."

  Commercial Brand Statement - "Of course I own one... Why wouldn't you?" 

​​COMMERCIAL - numerous. Availible upon request


ACting Resume

* MultipleAvailable Upon Request

FILM - Partial list​

Zach Campion - The Actors’ Voice: Technique.   

Kimberly Skyrme - Script Detective and Character Development. Baltimore, MD.

Advanced Scene Study – Shakespeare Theatre Company. Wash, DC

Commercial Acting – Barry Shapiro NY
Acting Workshop
– Christina Wright NY
Ali Evarts
– Conservatory Bootcamp

Katie Killacky Toomey​ - Capital Coaching
Stephen Mitchell - Action/ReAction
MDM Talent, DC - Adult Talent Workshop - Diane McFarland/David McDavitt
Brenna McDonough - On Camera Training - Brenna McDonough
Betsy Royall - On Camera Workshop - Betsy Royall Casting
Secret Service Agent Training - Knight Takes King Productions
Actors Police and Tactical Training - JP Berry/Sudio Boh-Ken Arnold
Actors Stage Combat Training - Robb Hunter/Fight Director - Acting Conservatory - The Studio Theatre - Wash DC
New York Commercial/Television/Film Intensive Training - Kathy Searle/Studio Boh-Ken Arnold
The Actor Center - Wash DC

TELEVISION - Partial list


Non - UNION (SAG Eligible)
Height - 5' 10.5", 185 lb , Suit - 42 Reg (Slim), Shirt - 16/35,
Pant - 35/32, Shoe 9.5, Hair - Black, Eye - Brown

Lamont Easter


Host and Master of Ceremony, Hand Model, Former Federal Law Enforcement Officer - US Justice Department, Firearms and Special Operations training/Marksmen Qualified, Drum Set Drummer, Information Technologist, motorcyclist Stick shift auto driver, Proficient at most sports land or water i.e., Football, Baseball, Softball, Roller-skate/blade, Snow ski, Swimming, Snorkeling, Water ski, Tennis, Cycling, Cross-coutry running, Skateboarding, Unicycle, Frisbee, Horse back rider, Proficient free style/pop-lock/night-club dancer/ballroom, Multiethnic Appearance