Happy to join a great pool of talent where I play the role of the "CEO of the Wolf Pack" for the HBO TV Pilot "Sherry Wolf Inc." Sherry Wolf is many things, but known around the world as a Fashion Designer whose works have been found in Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's and on QVC and she is one of the world's premier Photorealistic Painters (paintings look like photographic pictures)! Sherry Wolf has been described by ABC News as a "Visionary Genius," whose art works hang in Galleries around the world, sought after by art collectors, commissioned by the White House, and hanging in the homes of Mega Stars.

"Sherry Wolf Inc" will be a hilarious reality show based upon Sherry's "real life" and her satire based wacky staff "The Wolf Pack"  After a hiatus due to the loss of her best friend (Jerry Weintraub - Producer - Oceans 11, 12, 13, Karate Kid, etc...), Sherry Wolf is back and we are rebooting the mockumentary "Sherry Wolf Inc!"

 The Sherry Wolf Inc. Show

 Sherry Wolf Inc. Pilot Trailer

Lamont Easter